A2Arch architectural projects in Switzerland and around the world:

A2arch is an international architectural studio. We design residential and commercial projects in Switzerland and many European countries. Our architectural projects have been implemented in Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and other countries of the European Union.

Why choose A2Arch architectural studio?

  • We are not newcomers in the field of architectural design. The company has been on the market since 2013. The studio’s specialists have all the necessary experience and knowledge to complete the order quickly and efficiently.
  • The projects of the studio have won various awards.
  • The company attracted European media attention.
  • All details are covered while designing the object. The company considers the type of building, shape, and size of the site, its purpose, customers’ needs, possible exploitation period, zoning, etc.
  • Experienced architects and designers who project houses, offices, schools, apartments, hotels, spa centres, and other objects.

Ready-made architectural projects by A2Arch

Before you start building your house, it’s essential to think through every detail carefully. Wrong zoning or improperly divided living space can lead to mistakes and miscalculations. These include poor layout, faint light, rough transitions from bedrooms to the kitchen or bathroom, and financial miscalculations.

To avoid this, order an individual project in the A2Arch studio. Our specialists will develop a project for any building and consider every detail. They will create a unique design, landscaping, and perfect zoning. The customer will get a ready-made project within a short period of time.

What is the process of designing an object:

  1. You leave a request on the A2Arch website.
  2. A specialist contacts you, and we hold a consultation.
  3. Together we fill out a brief and terms of reference.
  4. Concluding a contract with a client.
  5. Working on the draft project.
  6. Visualization and design of the future object. This is where layouts, drawings, graphs, and various tables are used. At this stage, a customer receives a nearly finished product. It is also possible to create a 3D project of a private house or another object.
  7. Finishing and agreeing on all the details with a client.
  8. “Turnkey” handover of a completed project to a customer.

Completed projects examples

We are proud of the work done and want to share some examples of completed projects in Europe. All of them are available in this section, but we want to highlight the following:

  • House on the river project. The project was handed over in 2018. The house looks modern and stylish. It perfectly combines the laconism and simplicity of forms.
  • House in mountains project. If you’ve been dreaming about living in the mountains for a long time, then why not think of it now? The 2020 project was done with soul and care. Our team tried to ensure that house architecture blended harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. And we succeeded.
  • Ski hotel project at the ski resort. This is our pride. The perfect layout, unity with nature, and modern style.
  • Office of Fintech company project. The company is ready to design a building of any level of complexity! If you want to build an office, we are happy to help!

Request a free architect consultation by completing a special form on the website. Don’t put it off – it’s time to lay the first brick for your dream project.