About Us

A2Arch is an international architecture studio. Our team specializes in architectural, landscape and interior design, finding unity in these disciplines and making them work as parts of a whole.

Our architectural projects have been implemented in Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Montenegro.
The projects of A2Arch team members have won awards and been published in media all over the world.

A2Arch creates practical and beautiful architecture in harmony with its time and place. Our team designs the entire architectural object, which allows us to create interior and landscape concepts at the same time.

A holistic vision of these components allows us to create not just a quality product, but to build architectural harmony

Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual solutions for our clients, where the main tenets are the harmony of materials and honesty in design.

Our team respects the decorative and structural features of the materials, and this is how we achieve purity and proportionality in every detail.  We can also help you create harmony from seemingly incompatible elements in an interior or exterior design or draw your dream on a blank sketch.

The meticulous approach to each client allows us to go into every project in detail to find bold and unique solutions. By finding non-standard solutions we develop, grow and improve, which is certainly reflected in our projects.

Our team consists of experienced designers and specialists in all related fields with special talents.