Why do you need an interior design project?

The most common question that anyone asks when moving to a new apartment/house/office is:  “How much will it cost to renovate”? To get an answer to this question, you need to understand what a client wants to get as a result. That requires a project. Based on the project, specialists will be able to make you an estimate for the renovation of your new space.

Many people have no idea why they need a design project. That’s why they often make a big mistake trying to save money on design and assuming that by finding a good team of workers, they can do the job themselves “without pictures”. In fact, this leads to extra expenses, wasted time, and nerves.

Let’s find out what a design project can do and how it can help you save money:

  • Design project is a plan of action for the repair team, as no professional team will start working without an agreed plan;
  • Project documentation will not only help to avoid mistakes in the renovation but also prevent “cheating” on the part of unscrupulous contractors;
  • By having a design project you can estimate the real price and timing of the repair;
  • You will be able to look into the future and see the result before its implementation, using 3D visualization. This will allow you to understand everything you like in advance and not redo anything later!
  • No problems with finding and purchasing materials;
  • And the most important thing! Without a design project, renovation works are not allowed in Switzerland! 
Before you start renovating a house or building from scratch, you will need a project. You can order a design project in Switzerland from A2Arch studio. The company’s professionals will develop the ideal solution for your needs. The consultation is FREE.

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