A professional interior designer in Switzerland. Is it hard to find a specialist?

When planning to buy a new house and making plans for design and renovation, we often ask ourselves, “Do I need a designer or will I do it myself”? First, let’s find out who a designer is and look at some of our country’s legal issues.

First of all, a designer is someone who can help you plan your space to fit any budget. It is a person who knows what to choose and what to give preference to. He or she can optimize space to the max and save money. 

In addition, let’s look at the direct responsibilities of an interior designer:

  1. Measurement plan with a floor plan
  2. Layout of furniture
  3. Installation/dismantling plan
  4. Sockets/outlets layout
  5. Lighting scheme
  6. Lighting and switch layout
  7. Air conditioning system layout
  8. Plumbing plan
  9. Ceiling plan
  10. Flooring layout
  11. Tile layout
  12. Door openings layout
  13. Wall plans for all rooms
  14. Heating system layout
  15. List of finishing materials
  16. Underfloor heating layout with controllers
  17. 3D visualization (3-4 possible views of each room)

Let’s say you do decide to do everything on your own, using the web and a few fancy design catalogs. You see the design project of your dreams and go to the repair team to tell them how things should be. But without the right terms of reference, which, in fact, the designer prepares for you, your long-desired “green wall” could end up being an unpleasant excuse to spend more money. As far as legal regulations are concerned, in Switzerland, it is forbidden to carry out renovation work without a design project, which has to be approved by the relevant authorities.

To sum it up, you might face many failures without a professional interior designer. Starting from a waste of money, ending with redoing "already done" and in some cases, even legal liability.

 To avoid this, it is worth ordering a project interior design in A2Arch studio. Professional consultation is free of charge!

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